Furious commuters, on the Piccadilly Line, again!

Commuters are slamming London Underground for failing to acknowledge poor performance on the Piccadilly Line, with Transport for London consistently claiming there is a “good service”.

One furious traveller told the Evening Standard: “the main issue I have is that the updates supplied by the official channels are always incorrect, tfl.gov.uk reports good service and train times for services which simply aren’t running.

“I always check train times ahead of leaving home, but the amount of misinformation from what should be a reliable and ‘live’ service means I’ve almost missed several important appointments in the last week, been late for work, and had to spend around £60 on cabs.

Over the last two weeks there have been frequent problems on the Piccadilly Line between Rayners Lane and Uxbridge, with complete denial from TFL.

Leaves on the line have caused trains to slip, according to the RMT union. According to the RMT: “London Underground Limited has refused to put honest and accurate information out to members of the public, leading to front line staff being confronted by angry passengers and total ridicule on social media from hundreds of members of the public who are sick and tired of being misled.

“RMT representatives, along with some line managers, have brought these concerns to senior management but they still refuse to put out honest information and insist on showing the Piccadilly line running a good service when it isn’t.”


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